Making the Leap

Our Favorite Moments of 2023: Part 2

December 29, 2023 Herzog Foundation Season 1 Episode 89
Making the Leap
Our Favorite Moments of 2023: Part 2
Show Notes

Join Chris and Christine as they recall some of their favorite conversations and moments of the 2023. Please tell us in your review if you have a favorite conversation, and thanks so much for your continued support of Making The Leap! We're looking forward to a great year of conversations in 2024 that will provide you information and encouragement to "Make The Leap" into faith-based education for your kids! 

Chris & Christine's Favorite Moments of 2023: 

  1. Addressing Woke Christianity w/ Lucas Miles
  2. Learning Science Through A Biblical Lens with Tricia Hanska
  3. Let The Public School System Collapse? ft. Dennis Prager
  4. A Family's Decision to Choose Homeschooling with Ashley and Tyler Mackey
  5. Part 2: Meet the 2023 Teachers of the Year ft. Jake Kounter
  6. SPECIAL EPISODE: 1 Year Anniversary Event w/ LIVE Q&A

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