Making the Leap

Keeping Up With The Herzog Foundation

November 18, 2022 Herzog Foundation Season 1 Episode 31
Making the Leap
Keeping Up With The Herzog Foundation
Show Notes

Meet Chris & Christine at the Herzog Foundation's Education Freedom Rally on Dec. 6! Register here.  

This week, Chris and Christine catch up with the Herzog team and discuss the midterm election results. Education freedom won BIG

The first guest is Herzog Foundation President Darrell Jones. Darrell shares information about the Foundation's programs, initiatives and its new facility in Smithville, Missouri. The building's full-service video and podcast production studio is the new home of Making the Leap! 

The Herzog Foundation's facility is also home to over 20 employees and hundreds of Christian educators who attend training events each month. Christian educators and administrators interested in attending Herzog Foundation events can learn more and register HERE

The second guest is Mayela Esser from the Herzog Tomorrow Foundation. The Herzog Tomorrow Foundation was established to continue Stan Herzog's legacy of advancing Christian education for many years to come. Mayela share mores more information about her work funding scholarships and the MoScholars program

Individuals interested in participating in the MoScholars program can learn more HERE or contact Mayela at

STUDENTS: Apply for the Herzog Foundation's Bill of Rights Essay Contest HERE

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