Making The Leap

A Mom on a Mission

November 11, 2022 Herzog Foundation Season 1 Episode 30
Making The Leap
A Mom on a Mission
Show Notes

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On this week's episode, Chris and Christine discuss the importance of speaking up and demanding transparency in K-12 education. They are joined by a mom who has been a fearless warrior for Pennsylvania students since 2020. "She did something during covid that no other parent did," Chris said. 

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, Megan Brock said she was a "regular mom." That quickly changed when Megan saw politics taking over the public school system in her state. 

Schools were shutting down with no science to back up the closures. From her vantage point, kids were being used as political pawns. Meanwhile, juvenile crime rates in Philadelphia were increasing and math and science scores were rapidly dropping. 

Megan decided to speak up and demand answers, filing numerous Right-To-Know requests with state and local officials in Bucks County. These requests were quickly met with lawsuits, which Megan has been able to fight with the help from Judicial Watch

You can stay in touch with Megan on Twitter and learn more about your rights as parents by visiting her website

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