Making the Leap

The Role of Science in Christian Education

October 21, 2022 Herzog Foundation Season 1 Episode 27
Making the Leap
The Role of Science in Christian Education
Show Notes

Christine and Chris dive into one of the more controversial issues in Christian education; the role of science in a biblically-based education.

The Stigalls welcome guest, Nancy Reid, a middle-school science teacher at Veritas Christian Academy in Wayland, Massachusetts. Nancy was one of twelve 2022 Christian Teacher of the Year winners at the Excellence in Christian Education Awards presented by the Herzog Foundation last month in Washington, D.C.

They discuss how science and the bible merge when taught well, talking about issues like the age of earth, evolution and the creation of life. They also discuss how science and Christianity agree on most issues. 

Nancy shares her teaching style and why she starts with secular textbooks and then critiques them scientifically to show that biblical principles still apply. She discusses her project to create companion guides for secular textbooks so that Christian schools or homeschoolers have more resources to teach biblically based science.

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To learn more about the 2022 Christian Teacher of the Year recipients, click here. If you'd like to nominate a Christian teacher in your school, visit

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